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“Swapping Souls With Strangers” by David Walker symbolizes the humane and the unknown, while referring to the relationship between artist and subject as a personal, profound and sometimes life-changing experience. This piece also symbolizes Walker’s personal journey relocating from London to Berlin and the people he’s met along the way.

Response To “Things I can’t do Right after Painting My Nails (Though I do them Anyway)”

The author of the article uses humor to portray the limitations that individuals experience after doing a self-care activity deemed to be normal. The author has compiled a list of some of the things that individuals struggle to do daily when they have applied nail polish. The use of nail polish, in this case, hides the true meaning of the awareness the author is trying to put across.

Usually, a person would not hesitate to do a task when the opportunity presents itself. However…

Personal Essay

Social media today is not what it used to be when I joined 12 years ago, back then it was more about catching up with childhood friends and family you have not seen in a while. Today’s social media is based more on the number of likes a person has which tend to correlate with their feeling of self-worth and to get a sense of fulfillment by receiving immediate feedback. The more likes and followers you have, the more praise you get and it has become an obsession for both the old and new generation including myself. I’ve…

Joan Didion is someone that writes to help clarify her own thoughts. I also believe that Joan writes because it is something that she enjoys doing. Writing allows her to reflect on the environment that she finds so intriguing and allows others to view the world as she sees it. Joan’s essay is meant to show how writing is used for a variety of reasons and not just for experienced literature. Joan did not see herself as a thinker in college but instead as someone who thought in an abstract way that was difficult for other people minds to grasp…

Roe ODonnell

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